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Jeep Compass Trailhawk, Multi-purpose Car for Off-road Drive

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The jeep compass trailhawk is another masterpiece from Jeep. It has many useful features that will help you to experience the best driving. So, let’s take a look at the important parts of this car, which is the jeep compass trailhawk interior, exterior and performance.

The Interior and Exterior

The series we were reviewed here is the 2018 jeep compass trailhawk. And, the design doesn’t change too much from its previous series. We can even call it as the twin brother of the 2017 jeep compass trailhawk series. However, in our opinion, it’s much cooler than the Jeep Renegade. It looks more elegant and beautiful, which is quite amazing because it said that this car is mainly an off-road car.

The interior is amazing. First of all, the leather material used on the seat, steering wheel, and other parts of the interior feel really comfortable. Moreover, it is equipped with a heating system. But, the best of all is its control panel or infotainment screen.

It is equipped with the latest and nicely designed graphic that can help you to operate it. For example, the navigation system has a nice 3D design that makes it easier to differentiate the terrain of each area. Plus, it works really fast. You also can connect it with your phone to add more function to it. we think this is the standard feature of all new jeep compass trailhawk models, so this is a good thing.

The only flaw is it doesn’t have a special compartment to keep your stuff. So, you can lose your key or small stuff, if you are not careful enough to put it inside this car.

The Performance

The on-road performance isn’t quite disappointing. However, the acceleration isn’t as good as other cars in a similar class. Moreover, the MPG isn’t quite good, with just 20 mpg for city road (paved road) driving. However, it is because it doesn’t use a direct injection system that can cause the carbon problem in your engine. So, we think it matches with 2017 jeep compass trailhawk price.

The off-road performance is quite satisfying. It has many kinds of modes that can help you to drive on many different conditions off-road. For example, rock mode can help you when this car stuck. It will transfer the power from the brake to the no-spinning wheel to add more power. this technology has been used not only on jeep compass trailhawk for sale. But also on other cars that use ABS technology.


As a city road car, maybe you need to find other cars. And, it’s obvious, because the Trailhawk series are mostly designed for an off-road route, even the used jeep compass trailhawk. However, you can still choose this car for city car drive, if you don’t mind with its low MPG and speed. Otherwise, you can find other cars.

For the price, jeep compass trailhawk 2017 price is quite affordable compared to other similar cars. You can get it just under $29,000. So, it’s a reasonable price. And it could become a worthy car to have for off-road driving.