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Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum, Premium Taste with Some Chinks

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac escalade esv is considered to be the most expensive single car today in the US. With the price of around $100k, we can expect something extraordinary from this car. but, is that really what we find from it? Is it much better than other 2018 Cadillac Escalade series? Let’s take a look.

The Design

The design is clearly oozing with the premium class taste. The black color makes it looks elegant. But, the most noticeable part of this 2019 cadillac escalade is the light, both of them the head and rear light. The rear light is really big. They put it almost on the whole edge section of the rear part of this car. Compared to cadillac escalade 2016, this part is much bigger. And, when you brake, other drivers will easily notice it.

The headlight of cadillac escalade esv for sale mostly is bigger. But, the Escalade ESV Platinum adds more lamp bulb, which makes its face looks more intimidating. And, it matches the big grille and logo on this part really well. In our opinion, this design is much cooler than cadillac escalade 2017.

The Interior

Now, let’s take a look at this cadillac escalade interior. But, before you go inside, when you open its door, you can see retractable board under the door that comes out automatically. It’s good because you can easily enter this car. Once inside, we feel a different atmosphere. It wasn’t like 2016 cadillac escalade at all.

First of all, the control panel on the dashboard reminds us of cadillac escalade ext control panel. But, it’s more than that. They upgrade it with a unique feature. For example, it can detect when your hand close to the touch screen, so it will automatically show the menu button. then, you also just slide the touch panel to control the volume level.

The Flaw(s)

Unfortunately, this hottest cadillac escalade for sale also has some, in fact, many flaws. First of all, they make different cup holder on the driver and passenger seat. The driver seat is equipped with a big and cooled cup holder. It even has a refrigerator box close to it.

But, the passenger seat only gets one cup holder on the door panel, and it’s pretty small. The door panel looks cheap. It’s almost similar to used cadillac escalade we found on the used car store.

The back door is actually innovatively designed. You don’t need to open it with hand. Just move your foot under the bumper to reach the sensor and it will automatically open for you. But, it’s really difficult to find that sensor. Maybe, you’ll spend more time here than when open the back door manually.


The cadillac escalade price for this model is definitely too expensive, with all the flaws it has. It would better if you use your money to get cadillac escalade hybrid instead. Or, if you really want to have this car and drive like a king on the road, you can use the cadillac escalade lease offer. we don’t recommend this car for you.

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