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2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, Powerful and Playful

jeep wrangler unlimited sahara

2017 jeep wrangler unlimited sahara is definitely one of the most unique cars we’ve ever seen on the market. It is not about its performance or design. It is about how the Jeep makes it playable. If you want to know why we call it playable, read the rest of this 2017 jeep wrangler unlimited review.

The Design

It is cool and so Jeep-ish. We can see the muscle, which makes it perfect for 2017 jeep wrangler sport category. Moreover, Jeep also adds some many small and cute details on many parts of this car. For example, on the windshield, you can find small 2017 jeep wrangler sahara that run on the mountain image, printed there.

The wheel of this 2017 jeep wrangler unlimited sport can be considered the biggest among other Jeep products. But, this size also is the reason why this car looks great. Plus, on the wheel, you also can find a cute small icon that looks like 2017 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon on it.

The Performance, Features, and Interior

The performance of Wrangle Unlimited Sahara is quite similar to 2017 jeep wrangler rubicon. It produces 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. With this performance, we can say that this 2017 jeep wrangler towing capacity is quite high.

The 2017 jeep wrangler interior is pretty much similar to other Jeeps. You can find the cup holder with a cooling effect. There is also a touch screen to operate the multimedia and navigation system. In fact, it has a unique all-control type radio button on its steering wheel that you can’t find on other cars. And, comfortable seat that matches with other 2017 jeep wrangler specs.

The most interesting feature is you can remove every part of this 2017 jeep wrangler 4 door. When you get it for the first time, it will look like a standard car. but, Jeep also gives you a unique tool (wrench and others) to remove the bolt on each part of this car body. then, you can remove the roof, door, and even windshield, to make it fully convertible. Maybe, you shouldn’t remove the windshield, because it’s considered illegal in some states.

this unique 2017 jeep wrangler configuration is the reason why we call this car as the playable car. It’s like playing car model, but with real size and a real car. Moreover, on the trunk, you also can find a special place to keep the bolts, so you won’t lose it. It also has text that shows which part that bolt came from. Once you remove all the parts and turn it into full convertible Jeep, this car looks more amazing, especially with the dark 2017 jeep wrangler colors.


This car is definitely worth to have, only if you really love convertible and, especially Jeep product. You can easily find 2017 jeep wrangler for sale in many places. And, for the 2017 jeep wrangler price, we can say it’s not that expensive. Considering its performance, design and of course, its unique feature, the 2017 jeep wrangler msrp, which is only $34k, is reasonable.

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