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2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, A Small Yet Powerful All-Terrain Car

Jeep Renegade

The jeep renegade trailhawk has caught our attention. The smaller design, its ability and performance, and of course, the features that we can find in this powerful car, make it perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable car for all-terrain driving. Here is what you can find in this jeep renegade sport.

The Design

The design actually doesn’t stunning too much. Compared to the jeep renegade 2016 series, this new model has a more calming design. However, we love how Jeep keeps their trademark, by adding small detail, like a small icon that printed on many parts of this car. There were two that we found, the Sasquatch and spider. It seems they keep doing it too on the latest jeep renegade 2019.

The Interior

The jeep renegade interior is different than its simple exterior. It is full of comfortable features. First of all the hand rest is retractable. So, if you feel you don’t need to use hand rest jeep renegade accessories, you can keep it under and hide it. This way you can get more space.

Actually, the interior space is quite similar to Chevy Trax and Mazda. However, the jeep renegade cargo space is much bigger. Therefore, it is perfect for traveling. You also can modify some of its parts, to make your traveling more comfortable. For example, you can remove the roof panel like jeep renegade 2015.

Other than appearance, the performance is quite satisfying. The jeep renegade mpg is lower than other models in this series. It only has 22.4 mpg on the city road. However, as we said before, this car isn’t only designed for city road. You also can use jeep renegade latitude, to drive on the mountain or other off-road courses.

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With 5 driving and tracking modes, you can feel the jeep renegade reliability on any road. Therefore, many other jeep renegade reviews also put this car in one of the best cars for all road. So, it’s a good choice, if you plan to buy a new car.

The Prices

For the price, you can find more about the prices of this 2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk on jeep renegade forum. But, it was priced around $19,000 without too many gimmicks. If you want to buy this car with all standard accessories and features in an SUV, the price bump up a little bit. You will need to prepare around $23,000 to get jeep renegade for sale.

The jeep renegade price is reasonable for everything you can get from the 2017 Trailhawk. However, there are also many dealers that offer the jeep renegade lease program you can take if you are short in budget. Just remember to choose the trusted place to take the program.


The 2017 Trailhawk is definitely one of our favorite cars. It’s small, powerful, responsive, and mobile, especially for city drive. If you want to get this jeep renegade limited, make sure you also choose the right model. There are many models in this series, and all of them have different feature. And, that’s concluded our jeep renegade trailhawk review.

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