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Ford Mustang 2018 Review

ford mustang review

Perhaps the best thing about the Ford Mustang is that it is available in so many different configurations on the bottom, and you have the $25,000 basic Edition that one includes a turbocharged four-cylinder a six-speed and rear-wheel drive on the top and you have the ultra exclusive gt350r that is the ultimate track machine somewhere. in the middle lies this the 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

Ford Mustang

Now the model we’re testing today is enhanced with the performance pack and that bumps. the price to just over $40,000 what did four do for the new 2018 model, well it’s mostly about the drivetrain you see the v8 was fast before with 420 horsepower, well now it’s got 460 yeah 20 more than the Camaro pound-feet of torque has been increased to 420.

Ford Mustang Cabin

However that is still a little bit less than the Camaro for those of you keeping score now because this has a performance pack that means it also has multiple driving modes everything from normal to drag to track and Sport Plus enough talking let’s start taking a look at the details of course all the power in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t put it to the ground that’s why this Performance Pack equipped version of the GT comes with a 3.7 3 limited slip rear differential and it is shot in Michelin Pilot Sport for S tires that means yeah this thing has loads of grip truck loads of grip mountains of grip an entire desert full of grip.

The trunk is huge and if you need more space you could always fold down those kitty second row seats to make more room speaking of the second row yes the Mustang does have one and no a full-size adult can’t fit in it not without losing a leg in the process

Ford Mustang Dashboard

Thankfully the front seat is much more accommodating even though the interior is very new it’s still very recognizable as a Mustang I love the sound of the Mustang g/t it,  just has this rich burble it just screams America because this is the GT with Performance Pack it has a number  really great extras first off these seats they’re super comfortable they’re wrapped in leather and I rather like them the gauge cluster has replaced the traditional dials with a new 12 inch digital display it gives me all sorts of information including navigation step by step instructions.

Ford Mustang

I can also go through and change various settings such as driver assist information auto engine off Hill Start Assist rear parking aid and automatic wipers and we can also click the little Mustang here and we get all these various modes whoa this car is equipped with the optional exhaust note we can go from quiet note uh quiet to normal  to sport that’s pretty cool why would you want quiet mode on your exhaust well let’s just say it’s 3 a.m. and you’re trying to exit a building with minimal fuss quiet mode is the way to do it moving on track apps acceleration timer cool brake performance cool line lock extra cool and a lap timer which most people don’t use your car for that but

Ford Mustang

if you wanted to you have that as an option and I can also do my start option from automatic to Drag Race countdown to race track countdown this thing is designed not just for fun on the streets but also fun at the track and it is built into the car enough about that let’s talk economy this car gets 15 miles to the gallon city 25 on the.

Ford Mustang

highway which is actually quite good and we’ll leave it at that ok navigation comes with the new sync 3 which I actually really like I really didn’t care for that previous sync this one however doesn’t just include all the Ford stuff it also includes voila apple car play nice and if I don’t want to use car play I can go right back to the regular Ford menu system which gives me lots of great options below that we have all the climate controls that you would need included heated and cooled seats as well as a heated steering wheel and automatic dual zone below that the  optional switch kit that comes in the performance edition of this car the one

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thing I don’t care for with this setup is let’s just say you want to go to track well first click it once to activate it and then switch it a couple times more to get to track and oh I overshot why I want to go back well you can’t go back  because it won’t go down so you have to toggle through all the options again I understand why they don’t have down because when you’re setting things here you might accidentally hit it but I think that there could be a better option there this transmission in this car is the manual 6-speed now interesting fact about Ford Mustangs a majority so greater than half of all Mustangs purchased come a manual transmission, people just don’t dig automatics in these cars if you do want an automatic.

You get Ford’s new 10-speed with paddle shifters but who cares about that this one is equipped as it should be with the manual transmission and of course traditional hand brake – which is also something that I like no sunroof which is good because that just adds weight the rest of the interior very nice kind of this faux carbon-fiber we have this leather stitched look it’s all very straightforward easy to use and I rather like it, it is consistent with the history of this car but it also brings it into the future Oh another added bonus, because this is a performance pack edition it comes with an oil pressure and a VAT gage nice oh it’s also got a great rear view camera and this one comes equipped with the rear radar so from behind the wheel.

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I have to say everything falls to hand nicely the steering wheel is a good feel and in terms of feedback even though it is electronic with variable speeds it actually feels pretty good it’s not as direct feeling as the gt350r of course I have to say the gauge cluster I love it and that little shift chime not only does it make a nice noise but it’s also adjustable if I prefer to shift sooner or later I can set it for wherever I want which is great transmission bang-on feels good and that power yeah I mean the ships are really good and positive and I can feel what’s going on and there’s all these noises kind of feels like I’m in a racecar but an ultra comfortable one now you do have the option for a 10 speed automatic with paddle shifters but why would you do that if you want that just get the onewith the EcoBoost and a base model because that’s no fun now growing your own that’s what this car is all about let’s go to Green Valley shall we whoo the Ford Mustang is such a hooligan car it is just it’s hard to be polite when driving it because you have the powe that sound the raucous feel but it’s so comfortable I could commute in this car and have fun with weekends and even track it it is such a do anything sport coupe I absolutely adore this car I adore it recently I was in Tennessee and I drove Nissan’s version of the Mustang it’s called the 370z.